Microsatellite Development Service (no longer available)

Every horticultural crop that is vegetatively propagated can be analysed.  We have experience in cultivar identification having worked on Chrysanthemum and Pelargonium. 
If extra research is required involving a new species or crop, we have the skills and experience to help your company.

Case Study 1 - University of Edinburgh

We have developed microsatellites for Dr. Graham Stone of the University of Edinburgh. His research species is Eurytoma brunniventris, a natural enemy of gall wasps. Our service helped him in his further investigations into host races of Eurytoma, attacking different gallwasps.

Case Study 2 - National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens

A more recent case was the microsatellite development for an interesting garden species, Schizostylus (Kaffir Lilies). This was a request from a member of the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens, who is also holder of a National Plant Collection of Schizostylis. The reason that we were approached was because approximately 50 described garden cultivars were difficult to identify and there was the suspicion that there may be duplicates in the collection. Microsatellites developed by Bioprofiles are currently used to identify and classify the cultivars described.




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