Sending Samples For Identification

  • We prefer for roots to be sent to us wrapped in paper rather than plastic - Ideally in a wet tissue (newspaper) and in a not completely closed plastic bag e.g. in a well labelled paper envelope.

    Please ensure the material is as fresh as possible, it gives the best chance of viable DNA for analysis.

  • Normally we are able to identify roots of 1-2mm in diameter.

  • A root length of 5cm or longer is ideal.

  • It is advisable to label every sample with details including your reference code or sample address, date of collection, trial pit number and depth where applicable.

  • Twig material should preferably have buds and fresh leaves, if this is not possible due to the season, please contact us for directions.

  • NB: Please do NOT use staples to secure the envelope, sellotape is fine




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