Bioprofiles Ltd. has the knowledge with almost 20 years of experience to deliver a DNA 'fingerprinting' service (also called DNA profiling) for a variety of plant materials.

DNA fingerprinting has been around since the end of the 1980s. It is widely applied to identify individuals in human paternity and criminal cases. With the application of new technologies it has evolved into a useful tool for plants, with a wide variety of applications.

Our highly experienced scientists use hi-tech DNA sequencing equipment to identify plant DNA.  

  Tree Root DNA Identification

Bioprofiles can identify which trees' roots are responsible for causing subsidence or damage to drains in private, commercial and public properties.  We provide a quick and reliable DNA identification service for a variety of clients.

Our service will speed up claim processes and court cases thus minimizing litigation costs for the insurance industry. For homeowners it means that an un-saleable house may become marketable again.  Our direct clients are, amongst others, arboricultural consultants working for a loss adjuster or an insurance company.

Recently, the new Tree Preservation Order has come into force, which may necessitate DNA identification of tree roots involved in disputes.

However, lawyers, councils, and private house and tree owners also benefit from a fast solution. In addition, our living environment may benefit: Trees are threatened in urban environments as they are often implicated as the cause of subsidence. At present many trees, in up to 70% of the cases, are unnecessarily pruned or removed, which is a loss for the urban environment and an unnecessary cost for the owner and insurance company.

  Microsatellite Development (No longer available)

Bioprofiles has helped many industries in developing and performing DNA fingerprinting in a wide range of plants.  Our services are essential for any type of analysis where species or individual's identification is required.

For example, police investigations, identifying timber products etc. Our protocol for developing microsatellites and the use of RAPDs is uniquely successful.


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